I began refining my woodworking many years ago after having spent much time restoring the 1908 built house that I had previously purchased, further restoring a number of pieces of antique Canadian furniture that I had acquired in those years. Then I designed and built some new furniture in period style to compliment those that I had purchased and restored. By this time I had become quite captivated by wood as a material of beauty with its infinite variance of color, texture, grain, figure and the patina that is the blessing of time.

Later I made my first rather primitive boxes and later did my first woodturnings. No, I did not have a lathe yet, rather I turned them on a makeshift faceplate fashioned out of a pulley wheel, which was mounted on the end of an old half horse power furnace motor. This worked for small items such as egg cups, which I then housed in the small boxes that I had made to enclose them. Then I was lucky to be able to purchase the bole of a huge black walnut tree in southern Ontario and have it milled by a local sawyer. Together with my wife we even dug out the root stump which we lugged home whole in a borrowed van, sawing it up with an old two man cross cut saw. Walnut is for me a favorite but I use many other species as well. I would describe myself as a self taught woodworker who enjoys using hand tools where possible, I do though use a 6 inch jointer and band and table saws.

My objective has always been to attain simplicity of line with balanced form, high structural integrity and topped with a quality finish. My work is sold on commission or through selected galleries.

Memberships: Crafts Ontario. The Woodturners Guild of Ontario. The American Association of Woodturners
Board member: Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Fair